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Global levels of spam are at an all-time high according to recent statistics. Billions of spam messages circle the globe every day, clogging email servers and often avoiding software-based email filters. Even worse, spam can carried threats such as Trojans, viruses, botnets and other hazards that can damage enterprise and corporate networks if they aren't detected.

ePrism email filters, an appliance-based email filters and email security solution delivers unrivalled protection from spam with a unique combination of spam protection, antivirus and advanced content control. With the award-winning Kaspersky Labs Anti-Virus® onboard, ePrism email filters stop spam and the viruses and malicious code it carries at the perimeter before threats can reach your internal servers.

ePrism email filters uses a variety of advanced features to stop spam before it enters your network:
  • Email Filters defense with advanced content scanning — ePrism's deep scanning of email attachments not only stops spam from entering your organization, it makes sure no confidential files go out. Attachments are scanned for viruses and or to insure that intellectual property is not leaving your organization.

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  • Expanded Email Filters Options to stop spam — Several actions allow you to create email filters rules that encrypt, quarantine, BCC, notify, redirect or discard messages.
  • High Availability Load Optimization (HALO) – Regardless of how large your email volume is or how much spam is attempting to get to your email servers, ePrism's HALO provides security, cluster management, load balancing and "stateful failover" queue replication that guarantee consistency during a crisis.
  • Dictionaries — the ePrism email filters offers custom dictionary support for content filtering allowing you to easily match simple words and phrases against message and attachment content so spam is stopped.
  • Malformed Message Protection -- Malformed messages are a type of spam that allows hackers to avoid detection, crash your systems and lock up your mail servers. ePrism email filters combat this form of spam content by insuring that only correctly formatted messages are allowed to reach their destination.
  • Virus Protection -- Since the most common way to infect a network is through spam containing viruses, scanning for viruses is an essential component of reliable email protection. The Kaspersky Labs Antivirus® engine ensure that the latest viruses are being identified and eradicated before they reach your host.

ePrism Email Filters & Email Filters Technology- What's Wrong with Spam
Spam is the most common problem that comes through email and it’s not just one problem. Spam comes in a variety of forms, bulk mail, unwanted junk mail, malformed message attacks, viruses, phishing exploits and a host of others, that are all different versions of spam you don’t want near your networks. Spam can erode bandwidth, gobble storage space, and overload servers, making your email system less efficient, as well as opening up your employees to inappropriate content, scams, spyware, and Trojan attacks.

The best email filters apply multiple tests to email traffic to analyze the true disposition of messages. The ePrism email filters has a variety of anti-spam tests in its arsenal so that spam is detected at the perimeter. These tests include
  • Specific Email Filters Access Patterns
  • Pattern-based Message Filtering
  • Email Filters Dictionaries
  • IP Reputation
  • DNS Block List
  • Token Analysis
  • Bulk Analysis
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPFTM)
  • DomainKeysTM Authentication.

ePrism email filters also empowers you to define the action taken once a message is tested. These actions include logging, modify subject header, add header, redirection to reject email and BCC. ePrism email security and email filters allow you to manage your quarantine or define trusted senders with a simple click included in the status message from ePrism to the users. You can also define the email filters frequency with which status messages are sent to users.

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